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Hospital Admitting Supervisor
Duties: Responsible for the Hospital Admitting Department, including reservations for hospital services, pre-admitting patients, verifying insurance eligibility, admitting outpatients and inpatients. Establishes, reviews and updates short-term and long-term goals in order to be consistent with hospital wide plans. Executes problem identification, data gathering and implementation of strategy actions that are in the best interest of the department and its mission, values and philosophy. Develops annual budget that reflects departmental needs based on external and internal environments and the application of cost-effective management. Manages the Hospital Admitting Department in a cost-effective manner by utilizing current materials, management techniques, maximizing human resources and continuously reevaluating the manner in which services are provided. Responsible for providing in services to the Admitting Department staff concerning issues such as Conditions of Admissions, advance directives, patient’s rights and responsibilities, HIPAA regulations and hospital policies and procedures. Is available to the Hospital Admitting Department Supervisor to handle patients’ concerns, complaints and other department issues. Establishes policies and procedures necessary for effective and efficient systems and management of human resources. Establishes and monitors standards of performance among all subordinates and ensures that standards are being consistently met. Establishes specific and necessary planning, control and quality assurance mechanisms that monitor patient registration, administrative and economic outcomes. Communicates clearly and concisely within the department and with other hospital departments. Attends meetings, prepares reports and analyzes and provides recommendations in a timely and accurate manner. Responsible for maintaining performance improvement activities in the Hospital Admitting Department. Responsible for educating staff on performance improvement activities. Please apply on our website at www.wbrhely,org. Please send resume to cheron@wbrhely.org.
Listing Expires: 03-26-2021
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