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The Clinic is Extending Hours of Operation

Beginning January, 25th 2016 William Bee Ririe Rural Health Clinic will begin offering extended hours. “This will be a pilot program intended to increase access to care in the White Pine area. If the program is successful, we plan to continue it and may expand it to weekends," stated Matthew Walker, CEO of WBRH/RHC. The expanded hours will run from 5pm to 7pm Monday through Friday. Patients will be seen on a walk in, first come first serve basis. Christine Stones, the Clinic Manager said, “We see this as a great opportunity for patients with acute issues to be seen in an affordable and expedited manner. These are patients that have medical issues that need to be rapidly seen, but don’t necessarily need to use the Emergency Room.” Because the pilot program is focused on providing urgent but not emergent care, physicals, wellness exams, preventative care, and follow-ups for continuous medical issues will need to be scheduled during regular clinic hours. During extended hours, patients will be registered at the Hospital Registration area where they can inform registration staff that they would like to be seen through the clinic’s extended hours. Matthew Walker says, “Our primary goal is to provide additional access to care. We’re hoping this service will provide the community with a place to go when they have a non-emergent issue that needs to be dealt with in a timely manner.” If you have any questions about the Clinic’s extended hours please call Keva Brandis, Public Relations Director, at (775) 289-3612 Ext. 346.

Insurance Cards

Starting in 2016 the William Bee Ririe Hospital and Rural Health Clinic (WBRH/RHC) will require that all patients provide their current insurance card at check in. WBRH/RHC is in hopes that this new process will improve the time frame in which patients receive their statements. If you are unable to provide your insurance card at check in, the account will automatically be your responsibility. At this time you will also be required to pay a percentage of the cost of visit. If you forget your proof of insurance you can bring in the information after the visit and receive a refund based on your insurance benefits, if proof of insurance is not provided in a timely manner or not provided at all you will be responsible for the entire bill and payment will need to be arranged through your insurance company or through our billing office.

We are committed to quality care and patient safety and appreciate your continued support of our facility. For the latest news about our facility and current health and wellness information, sign up for our e-newsletter.

photoWilliam Bee Ririe Hospital is a member of the National Health Service Corp. For more information you can link to our NHSC Promise Page or visit their site.
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